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Protoss's Admin App
ProtossDate: Wednesday, 2008-12-03, 3:11 AM | Message # 1
Paradox Admin
Group: Administrators
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1. Must be at least 16 years of age. Exceptions can be made, but not likely. You must prove yourself to the Head Admins.
2. Must have an extensive knowledge of Paradox WoW's PvP, PvE, and RP styles.
3. Must respect everyone as an equal. You are not a god, you are still human (or a bot).
4. Must give the very first sentence of this form at the end of your application. If not, you not be accepted.
5. Must be able to carry out tasks given out by the Head Admins. This does not mean giving the task to a GM.
6. Must be active in either Forums or on the server itself. We respect family and life exceptions as they come first.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

Ok, My name's Harry. I live in the UK (Wales) and have done all my life. I'm 14 years old (I know I'm not 16), and have been playing WoW for about two years. I have extensive knowledge of WoW and have played every class at level 70 on Private servers. I don't know much about Paradox WoW as the server was only made a few days ago, I will however be on the server alot and talking to the owner (Domo) on MSN so will be able to pick it up fast. I've GM'ed alot of servers (Including Shadderd WoW (Domo's last server), where I was Co-Owner). I know almost every command and those I don't know I have a GM handbook ready to help me. I never treat anyone better than others, because, as you said, 'We're all human'. I am able to listen to instructions and follow them well, I would never just pass the job down to a GM unless I was about to go or was very busy, In which case I would let whoever asked me to do something know that I wasn't able to do it (and say why not), and ask them to give the job to someone else. I'm on WoW alot and will be playing Paradox WoW at least 6 hours a day, While I'm in-game I will often be on the forums as well.

Ok, Now a bit about me...
As I said, my name is Harry and I'm 14. I've played WoW for about 2 years so am very knowledgeable about it (Finished repeating from last paragraph now). I'm good with computers and have always achieved the highest marks in exams. I've recently learnt LUA scripting so can do that if you need me to. I have loads of hobbies, things like Ice-Skating, Biking, WoW, Hanging around with friends. I've been doing pretty well in school recently and have alot of "A's" estimated for GCSE. I'm always up for a laugh but won't tolerate it if people are breaking the rules or anything like that. I also wont take it the wrong way if I get kicked from my Admin position (If I get it), I would just e-mail the owner asking why it was removed. I have loads of ideas on how to improve servers and would be happy to help in setting them up if people like them.

In-Game scenario's

1. Your best friend joins the server, What do you do?
I say 'Welcome to the server, I hope you have fun here, if you need any help open a ticket.' I wouldn't treat him / her any different to another player.

2. A player is advertising another server, What do you do?
I would ask them to stop first, If they continued I would kick them, If they then came back on and continued still I would ban them (Which I don't like doing).

3. A boss is on 3% health but then bugs and wont loose any health, What do you do?
I would look at the players health and decide if they would've managed to kill it. If I thought they would I would kill it for them and then let the owner know that it was bugged.

4. Everyone wont stop /w you, What do you do?
I would type .gm on, Although it would usually already be on so this wouldn't happen.

5. You get asked to do something by the owner that you're not sure on how to do, What do you do?
I let him know that I'm not sure how to do this so will be unable to do it, I would then go onto some forums somewhere and learn how so I would know for the future.

Ok, I hope you like my app, If I'm not accepted I don't mind, I shall just play the server.

As requested here is the sentence.
As an Admin of Paradox WoW, you intend to help players, staff, and forum moderators with anything they may need. You do not have to know all the answers, but you need to respect the community.

SmashnCrashDate: Wednesday, 2008-12-03, 4:39 AM | Message # 2
Head Admin; Item Dev.
Group: Administrators
Messages: 58
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Good setup. Very nicely written, shows organization skills. Former work experience with an admin. Is showing all signs of requirements that can be followed at the moment.

My Final Quote: Yes

ProtossDate: Wednesday, 2008-12-03, 4:47 AM | Message # 3
Paradox Admin
Group: Administrators
Messages: 47
Reputation: 2
Status: Offline
Thanks dude smile

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