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Welcome to Paradox WoW
3:27 AM
Welcome to Paradox WoW.  We only want the best experience for our players.  We will offer you intense PvE action and PvP will never drag.  To start, we will allow full access to every instance.  We will create two custom raids for players seeking our endgame gear.  This consists of a remade Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair.    Overall, thats 15 fully scripted bosses.  Gear will not be boring.  We will have custom T8 armor for each class tree.  The sets will consist of 5 pieces each, but they will be the equievlent of a jump from T5 to T6.5 (SWP).  You will be able to PvP in your T8 gear as the Resilience stat will be added to each piece of armor. 

We don't what players messing around with Lvl1-70, so you start at Lvl70.  We will have a mall for players to buy anything they may want.  We also don't want you to mess with grinding, so we'll boost the EXP rates so you don't spend 2 days at Lvl73.  Instead, we want you at Lvl80 and raiding in our custom instances by the end of the week you join.  We want you to see Northrend, we don't want to take that away from you, but we know you like getting to the endgame.  With that inmind, we give you Paradox WoW.

Remember, a server can only be good if the community is good.  Invite your friends, buddies, anyone who you think could enjoy our PvE or PvP.  Paradox WoW has a major treat for players if the server takes off.  We will have the largest event ever hosted on a private server.  Imagine a field of Scourge pounding away at Horde and Alliance forces.  We will not disappoint, so bring your friends to Paradox WoW.  Share the experiences of playing on a true Blizzlike server. 
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14 amila-_-custic  
please give realmilist

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13 zakimca45  
set realmlist logon.paradoxwow.com

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12 zakimca45  
how i can play

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11 djelfa02  
set realmlist logon.paradoxwow.com.  this is relm  ??  smile

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10 mauricioxz-63  
hola como es el  realmilist esoe s para cambiar de server a este no puedo entrar ayuda :3

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9 dylan  
olas yosoy dylan es un plaser ser ien bore de wow paradox

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8 dylan  
por fabor aceptar

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7 teixeira  
qual o realmilist

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6 viruswinchester  
How is realmlist

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5 GmModsServer  
Скиеь реамлист и почему недаёт зайти на серв?

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